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11 Vow Renewal Ideas

11 Vow Renewal Ideas

Tuesday, 09 August 2022 17:52

For the uninitiated, a vow renewal is a celebration ceremony for married couples to reaffirm their wedding vows. While they are typically performed on milestone anniversaries, think 10, 25, or 50 years, they can occur whenever a couple wants to celebrate their love. 

After the last few years, many loving couples may have had to downsize their initial wedding plans or opted to elope with only a few friends and family present. As the world starts to open back up, now is an excellent time for a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate life and love with your dearest loved ones. But what does saying “I Do” all over again entail?


11 Vow Renewal Ideas

Vow renewals can range from simple celebratory gatherings all the way to a full-blown second wedding. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about a license or using a registered officiant this time around. 

This dramatically opens up the opportunities you have for the ceremony. With so many options, it can be hard to start planning.  Let's take a look at some vow renewal ideas to begin to get the ideas flowing!

1. Select a Meaningful Date

Traditionally vow renewals are held on a couples wedding anniversary, but you don’t have to stick to that timeline! Some other great options for how to pick a date is going with another important date in your relationship, like when you first met or your first kiss. 

If you and your significant other share a love of the same holiday like Halloween, selecting that can lead to some fun celebratory options.

2. Pick a Venue You Love

Since you aren’t restricted by marriage laws, your vow renewal can take place anywhere your heart desires. You can make it a small ceremony in a secluded and romantic spot like a waterfall in the mountains or a destination wedding at the beach.

3. Let Your Friends and Family Participate

Vow renewals tend to have lower stress and pressure both in planning and on the day compared to weddings. While it is a popular choice to use a traditional officiant, if you have a long-time friend or family member with good public speaking skills who knows you both well, ask them to step into the role. They can add a uniquely personal touch to the ceremony.

4. Have Fun with the Dress Code

Let the date and venue guide your choice of what to wear. While you can undoubtedly get decked out in formal wear and traditional wedding styles, don’t be afraid to pick a dress code more reflective of your style and personality.

5. Update Your Photos

Photos tell a story worth a thousand words. Take a vow renewal as a chance to get some beautiful updated portraits taken. Whether you go solo for some beautiful bridal photos or opt for a coupled session, you can use these as set pieces at the event itself, add them to the invitations, or use them as lovely presents to your loved ones. 

6. Limit the Guest List (If You Want)

Since the wedding has already happened, there is less pressure on making the guest list and ensuring everyone who should be invited is. Vow renewals are an experience that needs only to be shared with the people you truly care about, and there is no stigma about not being invited. So don’t worry if your guest list is looking short. 

If you had a small wedding ceremony, this might be your chance to go big. You can invite anyone you know to the event. Whether you decide to keep it small or opt for a grand party, it is entirely your choice.

7. Send Out Invitations

Vow renewals may be a more informal affair, but invitations are still a vital part of planning. You can design and print invitations to mail or opt for electronic versions. But make sure the invitation reflects the tone of the vow renewal ceremony and lets guests know what to expect, especially if there is a specific dress code you would like.

8. A Bouquet Time Capsule

Even if your vow renewal ceremony is a significant departure from the theme or ambiance of your wedding, you can use the bouquet as a subtle way to represent the original day. If you have a good photo of the bouquet, you can have a florist recreate it, use lace or your wedding veil as a tie around the new bouquet, or if you preserved the original, consider reusing some of those flowers.

9. Consider Cake Alternatives

Weddings and cakes go hand in hand. But if you aren’t a huge fan of cakes, switch out for an alternative dessert that you and your significant other love. You can plan for a variety of favorites, from cannolis or cupcakes to pie. Going with a different dessert also gives the opportunity for more creativity with serving table arrangements.

10. Put Together a Memory Board

One unique thing you can do for a vow renewal ceremony is put together a memory board or timeline of your time together. Include pictures and items for key moments and memories that have defined your marriage. Milestones like the birth of children, moving into a new home, or other family celebrations are excellent contributions.

11. Capture the Moment

You’ll want beautiful images marking such a fun, loving day, expressing the love, character, and history between you. This includes the family and friends you have surrounding you as well. 

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