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5 Photoshoot Locations Near Wilkesboro

5 Photoshoot Locations Near Wilkesboro

Monday, 03 July 2023 23:05

Are you looking for a destination for your next photoshoot? Well, look no further than Wilkesboro, North Carolina! This beautiful town is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With its charming and quiet atmosphere, Wilkesboro has become known for its historic buildings, scenic views, and outdoor recreational activities.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect photoshoot location near Wilkesboro, then you are in luck. There are several stunning locations in and around Wilkesboro that will provide you with a breathtaking backdrop for your photoshoot.

In this article five of the top photoshoot locations will be discussed, to help you make an informed choice for all your photography needs. Get ready to point and shoot at these five lovely locations!

Five Best Places for a Photoshoot Near Wilkesboro

1. Doughton Park

Doughton Park is a beautiful recreational area located in the Wilkesboro region of North Carolina. The park is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and numerous hiking trails. The park was named after Congressman Robert L. Doughton, who played an instrumental role in establishing the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Doughton Park is also a popular destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The park is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including black bears, deer, foxes, and many species of birds. These elements could be a great addition to any photoshoot.

2. Stone Mountain State Park

This park offers a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a picturesque waterfall. This is the perfect location for a photographer looking to include a water element in their pictures. The waterfall creates a natural sense of motion and contributes to a serene mood in photos. 

This location is easy to traverse with camera gear and has a wide variety of natural settings to shoot, with the waterful being the standout feature of this location. The state park offers free admission, making it an affordable choice for your next photoshoot.

3. The 1915 Building

Discover the gem of the foothills of North Carolina! The Historic Federal Courthouse and Post Office, built in 1915, is the perfect venue for your most special moments. Nestled in Wilkesboro at 201 West Main Street, this premier wedding and event location is a true marvel of architecture.

Stepping inside, you'll be in awe of the 1,100 square feet of indoor event space. With elegant, vintage details, the ambiance is unparalleled. But that's not all - the venue also boasts ample outdoor event space to take in the stunning scenery and serene surroundings.

This space has both indoor and outdoor spaces for photoshoots and will provide a more formal and high-class look to your photos. To use the space you would want to reach out by visiting their website. You can inquire about options, rates, and scheduling. 

Come experience the magic of The 1915 Historic Federal Courthouse and Post Office - a venue that will undoubtedly make your next photoshoot unforgettable.

4. The Blue Ridge Parkway

There are countless amazing places to stop along the Blue Ridge Parkway to get the perfect shot. What makes this location great for a photoshoot is its diversity. It is like having a million venues in one. As you drive along the parkway you will be treated to a series of stunning views, and you will spot myriad places for photos. 

So if you know you want a natural backdrop and are open to lots of options, the Blue Ridge Parkway might be the place for you. The parkway is free to drive on and includes areas to park where guests are encouraged to explore. Next time you are driving on the parkway, keep your eyes peeled for a great photo location.

5. The Wilkes County Public Library

The Wilkes County Public Library, located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, is a valuable resource for the community. The library has been serving Wilkes County since 1956 and has undergone several renovations and expansions since then.

The Wilkes County Public Library is a beautiful spot for indoor photography. With its tall ceilings and natural light, the space is perfect for capturing both portraits and still life. The library has a variety of different areas, from the children’s section to the local history section, so you can find the perfect backdrop for whatever type of photo you’re looking to take. 

Get Ready To Pose!

As you can see, Wilkesboro provides many great options for photoshoots! Before searching out venues, it is important to think about what space will work best for your photos. If you want a clean, formal look, The 1915 might be your best bet, but if you are wanting to be immersed in nature maybe try Stone Mountain State Park. 

The important thing is, no matter which of these spots you pick, you are sure to leave with stunning images. Now that you have some leads on your venue, you will want to start searching for the perfect photographer

No one knows the Wilkesboro area better than Times Treasured Studios. This studio has years of experience capturing beautiful moments in and around Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Check out my website to learn more about what to expect from a photoshoot, as well as dates and rates. Your next fun, successful photo shoot could be right around the corner!