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Cost Free Home Prep for Professional Photography

Cost Free Home Prep for Professional Photography

Monday, 04 April 2022 12:35

Did you know that if you’re selling your home or helping someone sell a home, that there are things you can do to improve the home as well as its market impact while also improving your chances of selling quicker... WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME?!?!  

Depending on what kind of house supplies you keep around this could very well be the case for you, too! Obviously, every situation is different, but for the majority it’ll apply. Especially if you occupy a home while you’re in the listing and/or selling phases! 

As a full-time real estate photographer, I capture a lot of amazing homes in various places and price ranges. The one thing that holds true for each, if it’s showcased well, it’ll have a better chance of selling. No matter if it’s a million-dollar home or a little shack in the woods. Simple, I know... but very real and true.


What You Can Do to Prep Your Home for Photography

Little things we overlook are the real and visible space being present to allow someone to see what it is that they may be investing in.

It allows someone to see what their ideas may be like in a certain area, instead of seeing what someone else has, or is, doing. This is much like dreaming of their own stuff in that space, creating a mental bond with the viewer... Interesting, right? Makes sense though, as we are a very visual species. 

Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind when you or someone you know is selling or preparing to start that path with their home:

1. Remove the clutter.

Remove all possible clutter or personal living items from each room that you may not be using. Extra tables, chairs, stools, dressers, beds, items on tables, beds, dressers etc… People need to see what they’re potential investment looks like. Not the items or lifestyle of who currently occupies it. Closets, drawers, cabinets, garages, attics, etc. are PERFECT hiding spots for anything you’re just not able to move out of the home.

2. Clean visible surfaces.

Make sure all visible surfaces are clear and clean. (Remove toothbrushes, cups, sponges, extra soaps, jewelry, catch-all trays, and personal items from counters or tabletops)

3. Remove items from the outside of the fridge. 

Remove pictures, calendars, papers and magnets from the fridge. Remove anything from on top.  It wouldn’t hurt to wipe her down, too!

4. Remove signs of pets.

Remove all signs of pets from the home. Food trays, collars, leashes, toy boxes, beds, cages, etc… Sad but true, not everyone is a pet lover! Any signs of a pet being onsite has the power to both draw or deter someone, especially if allergies are present. Better safe than sorry where this matter is concerned, if you don’t want to miss potential clients.

5. Clean the yard.

Clean up the yard from anything not remaining with the potential buyer or that may be unsightly or be a distraction from the yard and home itself. (Toys, boxes, garden pots, tables, extra furniture, umbrellas, stuff, clutter, etc…) Hide all trash cans, recycling cans, etc.

6. Take the rugs out.

Remove all rugs from the floor, especially for tile or wooden flooring. Beautiful natural flooring is a big win for home buyers!  If the rug isn’t hiding a horrible defect, show it off! 

 7. Let there be LIGHT!  

Make sure all light receptacles have a working and functioning light bulb!! Matching, white or daylight bulbs throughout the home are an even better approach. (Warm light or Edison type bulbs are gorgeous to the eye but throw an unsightly orange tint to any room.)

8. Check your blinds.

If blinds or curtains are damaged, outdated, or unsightly, take them down. Best to expose as much natural light as possible by removing old curtains or sashes that may be dominating the room. The more natural or neutral a room is, the better.

9. Take down your personal pictures. 

Remove most personal images and frames from any walls.  These pictures will be posted online for anyone to see for a long time... best to protect the family at all costs!

10. Hide your valuables.

Hide and put away from plain sight any jewelry, jewelry boxes, guns, or other valuables for the very same reason! We want your house sold and it will be online for anyone to see!    

11. If it’s dirty - clean it!  

Plain and simple.  And I mean clean like your grandmother was coming to town and if she saw the current state would do one of two things if not more:

  1. Question your bloodline being the same (with or without a colorful tongue)
  2. Start to take action into her own hands (with or without a colorful tongue)

Also, hide the interior trash cans once everything is clean... no one needs to see those things.

12. Breathe and trust your realtor!  

They know what they’re doing.  And if you’re not using one... no judgment. A lot of FSBO works out perfectly fine. But, realtors go through training and classes that are designed to look out for YOU & your best interests.

They are here to protect you and your family from really twisted things out there.  

I highly recommend finding one who you'll trust. If you need help finding one let me know... I’ve got a great list of folks from all over NC that I don’t mind a bit in sharing.  

Of course, other topics for improvement are out there, but this is a list of simple tasks that have a tremendous impact on you and your selling process. 

Best of luck to you and wherever you are in your journey!!