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How Important Are Photos When Selling Your Home?

How Important Are Photos When Selling Your Home?

Tuesday, 03 August 2021 11:08

The real estate market has been nothing short of exciting over the last twelve to eighteen months. The rise of working remotely has allowed people to choose where to live based on preference, not the location of their job. 

With the freedom to live virtually anywhere on the map, the foothills, High Country, and Triad regions of North Carolina have become even more popular for new North Carolina residents. 

Many new residents purchased homes sight-unseen, having made offers at or above the asking price. It is a great market for sellers but challenging for buyers. Nevertheless, people are buying homes in Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro, High Point, and Boone. 

If you are a seller or real estate agent, it has never been more important to make sure you have high-quality, professional photographs when selling a house. 


In this article, we are answering just how important it is to have professional photographs of your real estate listing, and how to get those photos. 

Why You Need Professional Real Estate Photos 

Here are a few important reasons professional real estate photos are important:

The Statistics Show People Are Shopping for Homes Online

While it may seem like houses and cars are too large and important to shop for online, the statistics show that’s not the case:

  • 90% of home buyers begin their search online. 
  • Google search terms related to real estate have increased by 253% in just four years. 
  • 68% of home buyers use a mobile application throughout the process. 
  • 51% of home buyers go to YouTube for videos, tutorials, and research about the process. 
  • 75% of online shoppers make decisions based on images of their products. 

It is undeniable that people are shopping online. So, what are they going to find when they see your listing?

The Quality of the Image Reflects the Quality of the Home

You may have the best and most beautiful home in the neighborhood. It may have a stunning view of the Blue Ridge Mountains or a pristine, fast-flowing stream rolling through the front or back of the property. 

Owners may feel like they can describe how the house is a peaceful oasis from the struggles of work and life. However, if someone in a different state or area finds low-quality images, they are not going to get the full picture. 

Of course, an agent is going to add a well-written description of the property that will populate on directories and MLS listing sites, but your pictures are what will sell the story. 

  • Professional real estate photography will make the home seem more open. 
  • Professional real estate photography can capture natural lighting. 
  • Professional real estate photography will help demonstrate the size of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. 
  • Professional real estate photography will more effectively display the work put into the renovation. 
  • Professional real estate photography will help ensure shoppers realize how much the home is worth.

Professional real estate photography can help agents and homeowners tell the story of the home. 

How to Get Professional Real Estate Photography

If you choose to try to take your own photos, here are some quick tips

  • Clean up the landscaping
  • Remove all clutter outside and inside
  • Move heavy furniture items away from photographed rooms
  • Invest in lights that help improve indoor lighting 
  • Remove pets and pet products
  • Invest in a quality camera. Your smartphone will not be enough to capture the beauty of a home.
  • Watch tutorials online to gain insight into taking good photographs.

For real estate agents, taking professional photographs will be essentially adding another full-time job to your career. A better choice would be to hire a quality, local, experienced professional real estate photographer. You might be surprised at how affordable the rates are and how easily you’ll be able to make up for the front-end costs with offers close to or above the asking price. Here is a quick sampling of my rates:

For still photos: Square Feet of Residence

  • 200 - 1600 - $100
  • 1601 - 2800  -  $120
  • 2801 - 4500  - $160
  • 4501 - 6800  - $200
  • Over 6800 - Call Me

For Aerial Videos: Square Feet of Residence

  • 200 - 2800  -  $350
  • 2801 - 6800 -  $450
  • Over 6800 - Call Me 

Property images that are detailed, stunning, and flattering are essential, especially as consumers spend more and more time online looking at potential acquisitions. 

Having images that are both attractive and accurate representations of the location and layout can make all the difference when it comes to selling a home or property. If you are a homeowner or real estate agent that would benefit from professional real estate photography, I am here to help. 

For homes in the foothills and Triad of North Carolina, contact Times Treasure Studios for more information and to book your session