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How to Dress for Photos

How to Dress for Photos

Friday, 10 March 2023 07:47

Life is all about the folks we meet, the lives we touch, the things we experience, and the memories we make along the way.

As a result, there are so many wonderful reasons to have or get photos taken. There are family events, corporate gatherings, celebrations, marriages, births, and so many other more formal or large events. Add in what we do in our down time like while on vacation, while on lunch break from work, or while exploring with the family. Other times include spur of the moment times: random things done without any planning in advance. 

The thrill of life and enjoyment of each moment, in essence, are the things that keep us going. But what about when we need to plan because of a big event or life change announcement (personally or professionally), and we want to capsulize that moment forever with a photo?

We want to make sure a few things happen for that photo. 

  • We want to make sure we look like who we are, not some over-touched thing that photoshop dreamed up. 
  • We want to look good, not only now, but when we look back. 
  • We want that image to be timeless and to cause us to have good feelings as a result of whatever reflection comes to mind when we see it later, as we age. 
  • And we want to be able to speak to who we were at that moment in time, not wonder just what in the world we were doing.

So, I’m looking out for that later person in all of us, right now. I’m going to share some tips and tricks of the trade that will make you a happy viewer any time you look back on the images you’re having made, regardless of the occasion, let alone how happy you are once you get them back. 

These are the things I share with any client before capture to ensure that they LOVE what they see later. Brace yourself…

How to Dress for Photos

1. Wear Something That You Like Yourself In

Believe it or not, this is something we often overlook. If you are having photos made, and you look in the mirror prior and find yourself calling out all sorts of things you wish you could change about yourself in order to look better, what makes you think seeing yourself later in the photo will be any different? 

You want to be confident. You want to feel confident. So find something that makes you feel that way. Here’s a quick and super useful guide on how to dress for your own individual body shape

2. Wear Solids & Neutral Color Schemes

Saying “solid color schemes and neutrals” is a broad way of saying “keep it simple.” No heavy patterns or overly bold colors. There are scientific reasons behind this, a slew of info I’m going to spare your mind. 

I’ll keep it super simple: color reflects. 

Everything you wear, whether you can see it or not, reflects back to your neckline, your face, and other parts of your skin. If you wear a grass green sweater, that is the exact color your neckline will take on. 

Best to keep the paisleys and heavy florals to a tie, or some accent piece. We want the world to focus on you, not what thing you’ve got on this time. Pinterest is fantastic for ideas of what to wear and you can typically find their images on a quick Google search. Let those be your guide to what you’ve already got in your closet.

3. Coordinate= YES / Match= NO

If you’re having group or team photos or even family photos, it’s of the utmost importance to have a coordinated style. You don’t want to have everyone in matching shirts and the same color of pants and shoes, mainly because we are no longer living in the Brady Bunch era. That look has run its course, and we can thank the sweet Lord above for that. Now, we have the ability to coordinate styles and create a killer UNITED look. 

Again, a quick search in Pinterest and Google with words like “coordinating outfits” and “team photos” or “family photos” and the world’s your playground for figuring out how to nail down a solid look for your particular style and event.

4. Wear or Bring Props

Sounds funny doesn’t it? I know. But hear me out. 

Stylish accent jewelry, watches, or necklaces, as well as work gear, like a laptop, a phone, a for sale sign, a coffee cup, or similar item to whatever trade you’re in can go a very long way for ensuring a little bit of diversity in your gallery. 

Photographers see things differently and an everyday item like a long beaded necklace, a cool pair of boots and crazy socks or tools from the trade add a nice pop to the whole reason you’re having photos made in the first place.

5. Be Yourself

This is all about you after all! If you’ve got character for days and you’re known for it, BRING IT! If you’re a bit more laid back and more artsy in your calling, explain that to your photographer! This is more than just about getting a nice smile. We want who YOU are! Not some imposter or creation of our own! 

Anything Else?

I could go on for days on how to’s or what to do for’s and even throw in a few don’ts to the list, but I feel these are the most important. Whatever you’re having photos taken for, remember to be yourself and have fun. If it’s not fun, it’s going to show!

If you’re looking for some specific tips with your trade and getting great branding photos, shoot me a message. I’d love to collaborate with you.