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How to Make Your Senior Portraits Awesome

How to Make Your Senior Portraits Awesome

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 23:30

It has been a strange couple of years for high school students. No one ever expected they would spend significant portions of the school year learning primarily by digital means from home. Nevertheless, teenagers are resilient and spirited. They are capable of adapting to and making the most of situations in ways adults could hardly imagine. High schoolers have found creative ways to excel in academics and stay connected to friends. They have persevered, and now your high school junior is looking at the potential for a senior year that is much more like what we all would expect. Parents may have spent much of the last sixteen months trying to figure out how to adjust to social distancing and working from home, with little thought to what life would look like on the other side of the pandemic. But as things return to normal, it is time being celebrating milestones in earnest. 


One such milestone event is taking senior pictures. It Is the opportunity to turn the camera on to your senior in a way that makes them feel like the star they've always been in your eyes. Senior photos will serve as a benchmark for them and you for years to come. They will remind you of what your child was like as they stood on the precipice of adulthood armed with the knowledge and character you instilled in them. Your teen will use their senior photos as profile pictures throughout their season of transition to independence. Taking senior pictures is a special, fun event that can evoke every emotion. Here are a few tips for making sure your senior portrait experience is awesome. 

Nine Tips for Having a Great Senior Portrait Experience 

1) Make it an Event

On the day of your teen's senior portraits, you need to make sure your time and energy are dedicated to the session. You do not want your senior student to feel pressured, rushed, or stressed. If you plan to make dinner reservations afterward, make sure you set them later than you might think. Plan to arrive early for your session. Avoid the situations that you know will cause anxiety, and make sure you celebrate the day. 

2) Hire a Professional Photographer

Senior portraits are special. This is a milestone event. You do not want to trust these important, memorable photographs to a hobbyist or novice. You want an experienced professional photographer with an extensive portfolio of senior portraits. If you are in Wilkes County, Winston-Salem, or the foothills, Times Treasures Studios is here for you. 

3) Book Your Photographer Sooner than Later

There are a lot of seniors in your area, but there are only a handful of photographers versed in senior portraits. With your rising senior's final year of high school rapidly approaching, you want to make sure you book your photographer sooner than later. 

4) Take Advantage of Wardrobe Changes

Your professional photographer will likely have a policy regarding wardrobe changes. Take advantage of the full number, so you have multiple options for capturing the memories you will look back on for years to come. Bring multiple options and trust your photographer with advice about what will work best on camera. 

5) How to Manage Hair

Senior portraits may not be the time to try out a wild new hairstyle. You want to remember your senior as they are, so you want their hair to be as natural as possible. Remember, for guys especially, make sure you do any haircuts a week in advance. 

6) Use the Natural Beauty of the Area

Wherever you are, there is a natural beauty. If you are in Wilkes, Elkin, or anywhere in the foothills, you know, we live in a special place. Take advantage of the inherent majesty of the mountains and foothills when choosing a location for senior portraits. 

7) Prevent Glare from Glasses

If your teen wears glasses, you do not necessarily want to ditch them for photographs. You may need to look into purchasing lens frames that reduce glare. You may also consider changing your lenses from transitional to normal. Lenses that darken in the sun can adversely affect your photos. Your child's senior portrait session is the perfect excuse to upgrade your child's glasses. 

8) Bring Your Accessories

Remember to bring trophies, sports equipment, band instruments, awards, and whatever accessories you want to be included in your teen's senior portraits. If it was important to your teen's high school experience, you want to make sure you bring it with you for this milestone photography session.

9) Ask Your Photographer for Other Tips

Your professional photographer will have the experience and expertise to provide other tips that will help make the experience awesome. They will be able to recommend wardrobe changes, accessories to remember, and the perfect locations. That is one of the reasons you need to book your photographer early. The best senior portrait photographers are coveted by parents, and their schedules fill up quickly. I am grateful to have been included in this special event for many parents and teens. Please reach out to Times Treasured Studios for more information about scheduling senior portraits.