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Shot List: Must Have Real Estate Photos

Shot List: Must Have Real Estate Photos

Thursday, 02 June 2022 23:56

Have you ever been searching online for a house, and then there it is: you love the outside of the house, it’s in your price range, and it has the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Then disappointment sinks in as you come to find that’s the only singular photo listed.

There is no doubt that a lack of photos keeps people from wanting to view homes in which they might otherwise be interested. Not only does it slow down their process of buying, but it slows down the process of selling for real estate agents and home sellers.


What Would You Want to See?

The housing market over the last few years has been a roller coaster. Despite the rising prices of homes, houses are not staying on the market as long as they once were. Houses are selling fast, and the better and more comprehensive the pictures you have taken, the faster you will sell, and the quicker buyers will buy.

Here’s a list of shots you definitely want to get for your house’s portfolio:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Each Bedroom
  • Each Bathroom
  • Front of House
  • Back of House
  • View from front and back porch. Especially if there are features to highlight. Large backyard, fenced-in backyard, firepit

Missing out on shots of these rooms could make the difference between an interested buyer and someone who overlooks your property because the convenience of seeing all of the pictures at once is not there.

Having someone come in and take pictures may also help you have a different perspective on your current house. If it doesn’t look appealing to you, it probably won’t for others either. Pictures could be the way of showing you what in your house may actually need a little revamping. If you can’t afford to remodel, a photographer can help you make your rooms look the most flattering that they can be.

3D Virtual Tours

Not only are those shots a must, but having an option for 3D Virtual Tours can go a long way in online property sales. It eliminates the time, hassle, and schedule rearranging needed for tours (for the seller, buyer, and real estate agent). It allows you the same visibility as a real-life tour without having to leave your home.

Though this method of 3D Virtual tours is becoming more popular, it hasn’t been taken on by every real estate agent and is often more common to see in apartments. Make your property stand apart from the rest and get sold quicker.

Don’ts in Real Estate Photography

It may be worth it to mention the mistakes in real estate photography that you for sure want to overlook, especially if you decide to do photos on your own instead of using a professional photographer. 

  • Avoid having personal photos on display in the pictures. For the safety of your friends and family and for the professionalism of your real estate property, you don’t want to make this mistake.
  • Don’t include living beings in your photos. For the same reasons mentioned above, you don’t want your pets and family to be present models in your photos. Not to mention, for those who have allergies or who don’t like pets and associate them with a dirty home, this could pose a threat to your ability to sell.
  • Avoid having too many decorations. Yes, you want your house to be staged and look presentable. However, being presentable means having the basics to show buyers the most advantageous furniture arrangement without taking away too much of their imagination of decorations and making them their own. Sometimes a house that has a lot of decorations can appear cluttered in a picture.

Heather Cardwell and Times Treasured Studios

If you are looking for a professional real estate photographer to help you sell your current house, I’d be glad to help you! I am located in Wilkes, North Carolina, where I have had over ten years of experience in a variety of photography.

Visit my website to look at my portfolio and see the different packages and prices I offer. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or to discuss future bookings!