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Should You Do a 3D Scan of Your Property?

Should You Do a 3D Scan of Your Property?

Thursday, 03 March 2022 17:26

Everything is evolving these days, especially technology. You can either be behind or ahead of the curve. A concept hitting the market today related to all things technology is 3D and virtual reality.

As a real estate agent or home seller, getting ahead of the curve with 3D property scans will be to your advantage, and it will also benefit your seller and buyer as well.


6 Reasons to Consider 3D Property Scans

You may be thinking that 3D property scans really wouldn’t make that much difference to any part of your career. You may think that it’s a monetary investment that won’t really pay off. 

You could probably continue on doing what you’re doing, and you’d be just fine, or rather you’d stay at about the same rate that you are at now. However, if you take a few moments to look over these reasons why I suggest 3D scans, I believe you’ll understand the tremendous benefit that it will have for your company and all parties involved.

1. Saves Time for You

With having 3D property scans, there lies the convenience of showing a home without having to meet in person. You don’t have to worry about showing a home as frequently when a buyer has the resources and ability to look at the home right at their fingertips.

2. Saves Time for Them

It also saves time for someone searching to be a homeowner. They’ve been going to look at several different houses, and the search is starting to become annoying. Even with different houses on the market, many of them don’t show all the photos of the home, thus requiring an in-person walk-through.

With 3D scans, not only will they have more pictures, they will have every view and angle of the home, making it easier for them to check out a home without even having to step foot outside of their current house. 

3. Clearer and More Accurate

Many realtors go the route of just snapping some pictures on low-quality devices. This is unfortunate because it doesn’t fully represent the seller’s home. They may have spent time renovating and loads of time cleaning for photos to be taken. However, the presentation is only as good as its technology, and the technology is only as good as its operator.

3D scans allow for accurate and clear pictures that will keep the seller’s dignity, present you as an outstanding realtor, and give the buyer less room for questions—saving time for everyone!

4. Stand Apart

Honestly, have you seen many realtors take this approach? This new advanced technology will put you in front of the curve and make you stand apart from the crowd. 

If you’re in a small town, chances are there have been people in the real estate game for a long time who have built a name for themselves. It has probably made it harder for you to make a name for yourself and harder to bring in as many buyers and sellers for yourself.

The housing market is changing, and sellers and buyers are now a younger generation than many of the realtors who have made a name for themselves. Being able to connect with the younger generation, who are all too familiar with technology, will make you a more viable option for the housing market today.

5. More Interests, More Clients

Another way that you’ll be saving time is that the house will most likely be on the market for less time than its competitors. 3D scans make for easy access, and easy access means more traffic. With more traffic and viewers, you will receive more interest and inquiries. 

Not only will the multitude of inquiries make a particular house sell quicker, your stand apart technology and realtor skills will bring you more leads to add to your list.

6. Quicker Sales

As mentioned before, 3D scans of a property are going to lead to quicker sales which means quicker money in your pocket. The people you work with are important! Chances are, you wouldn’t have gone into this profession if you didn’t care about what you were doing.

However, it is also a job. You have to make an income to support your life and family. Therefore, the quicker the sales, the quicker the money, and the better you’ll be able to support yourself and your family.

Times Treasured Studios

I am dedicated to helping you accomplish your vision. With over 12 years of experience in photography and videography, I am equipped to help you with any of your photography needs. I have done weddings, events, family portraits, and something that makes me a little different is I do real estate photography. 

Sure, you can continue with the same method’s that you’ve used of snapping pictures with your phone or low-quality camera, but having a professional photographer will speak loads more about the seller, the house, and you as a real estate agent. 

So whether it’s still shots of the house, a video walk-through, drone footage, or even 3D scans, I’d be happy to help. You can visit my website with quotes on real estate photography to explore more options.

If you’re interested in taking a further step with photography through Times Treasured Studios, you can contact me, Heather, through my website