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The Importance of a Professional (and Current!) Headshot

The Importance of a Professional (and Current!) Headshot

Wednesday, 07 July 2021 19:34

There are countless resources regarding business. As social media platforms and YouTube have expanded in popularity for personal and commercial use, many experts and many claiming expertise occupy those spaces. They often provide "free" business advice; although, many provide just enough information to coax you into paying for more. 

It is impossible to parse through it all to determine what is valuable and what should be ignored. 

One thing is sure; there is a market for making videos and offering online classes because we are all trying to find ways to grow and reach new clients. 

There has never been a time in history where trust was not vital to doing business with a person or company. Business owners and managers strive to have the best reputation and seek the coveted 5-star reviews on search engines and social media. 


Professionals work tirelessly to prove their managers and leaders made the right decision to hire them so that, if they have the opportunity, they can climb the ladder within their companies. If you do leave, you want to depart the right way so that you can count on positive references down the road. Your image matters. 

Whether you are a corporate executive, a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a real estate professional, or a professional open to new opportunities, you absolutely need a professional, current headshot. 

Here are four things you need to know about professional headshots. 

1) You Need Professional Headshots

It was not too many years ago that the predominant personal cameras were disposable. Portable digital cameras came on the scene and revolutionized the way in which we treated taking pictures. It was no longer a luxury to capture social gatherings and family milestones. 

Point-and-click cameras allowed us to carry cameras in our pockets. Then, someone got the incredibly bright idea to combine the pocket camera with the cellphone, and now, we can't imagine a world where we would not be able to take a high-quality picture at any time. 

While your smartphone is perfect for many situations in which you might need a camera, they are too often used as a substitute for headshots. You can be sure that potential employers or clients are searching your social media profiles to get to know you. 

A "selfie" is not an acceptable professional headshot. There is a drastic drop in quality between an amateur smartphone image and a professional headshot. 

Your online image is often going to be your first impression for employers, companies, and clients. You want to give people a professional first impression whenever possible. 

2) You Need Current Headshots

Many people are using professional headshots, but they are outdated. Maybe you paid for a session several years ago, or a company for which you previously worked provided headshots, but if they are more than a few years old, a lot could have changed. 

If you meet a client or employer with a significantly different hairstyle or color, facial hair, or you have visibly aged, it's going to be awkward. You need to keep your headshot up to date.

3) What You Gain from Professional and Current Headshots

You stand to gain substantially from your investment in professional headshots. Some of the benefits include:

  • For employees, potential employers will interact with your professional image when they search for you on job sites and social media. 
  • For business owners, potential clients will be able to put a name with the highest quality and best representation of your face. 
  • For real estate professionals, property buyers and sellers may prefer to see you first before they contact you. 
  • For everyone, you can use your professional headshot for any situation in which a photo is required. 

If you want to make a great first impression, it begins with a professional headshot.

4) You Need to Use Your Professional Headshots on a Variety of Platforms

So, you are convinced it's time to schedule your professional headshot session. That's great! But what are you going to do with those images? Here are some tips:

  • Use your professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Use your professional headshot for your company’s About or Meet the Team webpage.
  • Use your professional headshot for your primary image on your social media profiles. 
  • Use your professional headshot for any promotional material you hand out to potential clients. 
  • Use your professional headshot for your business networking group’s directory. 

Your smartphone is great for casual photos, but nothing can replace the benefits of professional, current headshots. 

Times Treasured Studios is here to help. 

I'm client-focused and cherish making sessions enjoyable. I like to create a comfortable and relaxed environment, allowing a natural feeling to come through in the images we create. 

Also, to just make it fun, because why not? 

For professional headshots in Wilkes, the foothills, or Triad, contact Times Treasured Studios today