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7 Tips to Prepare a Home for Real Estate Photos

7 Tips to Prepare a Home for Real Estate Photos

Wednesday, 02 June 2021 22:24

The last twelve to eighteen months have been challenging for people and businesses. Essentially every business and all industries were affected by the pandemic. Many companies closed their doors permanently, while some others are still reeling. However, real estate has bounced back better than other industries, especially in western North Carolina. 

With the significant rise in companies allowing people to work remotely, we can choose to live almost anywhere. No longer are people relegated to buy a house within commuting distance of their office. Places like Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro are becoming zoom towns, places that are booming due to the choice people have to live close to the activities and people they love. 

People are choosing Winston-Salem and Wilkes County for the natural beauty, access to outdoor activities, and niche small businesses that survived the last year and have begun to thrive again. Whether you are a homeowner looking to cash out on a seller’s market, or a real estate agent, high-quality professional photographs are going to set your home apart. 

In the Triad, foothills, and mountains, many buyers are purchasing homes sight-unseen, which means they are wholly relying on images and virtual tours. 


Here are a few principles and tips to help prepare your home for real estate photographs. 

Guiding Principles for Getting Your Home Ready to Take Photographs

1. Your Smartphone Is Not Enough.

Gone are days when real estate photography could be done effectively with a smartphone. You need professional-quality images if you are going to stand apart in this market. 

2. Less Is More.

You may have a keen eye for interior design and some really fascinating decorative pieces; however, when it comes to real estate photography, less is more. Take time to declutter rooms, pack up family pictures and other decorations, and make the spaces seem more open.

3. Remove Pet Products.

People love pets. Animal lovers may be exactly the people who want to view your home. Still, kennels, food and water bowls, leashes, and other pet products are not necessarily photogenic. 

4. Open Your Home.

In addition to decluttering and removing some interior design features, if at all possible, you want to take a minimalistic approach to furniture in order to open up the spaces. 

5. Be Aware of Lighting.

Make sure you replace any light bulbs that have burned out. Again, less is more, so take a minimalistic approach to lamps you choose to leave on. Make use of natural light, but do not let the photograph become overexposed by the sunlight entering through your windows. 

6. Clean Up Outside.

People are going to want to get a sense of your outdoor spaces. Tips for preparing your home’s exterior include:

  • Tend to your landscaping and lawn
  • Declutter your driveway
  • Have your home, driveway, sidewalks, and other surfaces pressure washed 
  • Tidy up around your outdoor living spaces
  • If you have a view, make sure it is not obstructed by overgrowth
  • Store your vehicles in your garage or on the street
  • Clean your gutters and clear any debris from the roof. 

7. Utilize the Benefits of Virtual Tours and Aerial Photography

Aerial images and videos are a great way to really showcase the full impact of your event or property, and the landscape that surrounds it! 

Drone Footage 

If you want drone footage of your home and land, you need to make sure you work with someone who has been FAA certified and insured. I have the certification and insurance required to safely take aerial photos and video of your house, property, or event. 

Customized, branded feeds, as well as MLS-compliant feeds, are created for sharing across multiple platforms and market impact. Drone footage will give your property an edge. You can see an example here, or check out my YouTube channel for others.

Virtual 3D Tours

Virtual tours (also known as 3D scans, virtual scans, or virtual reality tours) are renderings of homes and properties. I use videos, still images, and 360° panoramic photos to create these stunning virtual tours. You can see a few examples here.

As more people hunt for homes from the convenience of their own homes, these comprehensive, detailed virtual reality tours are becoming more prevalent and necessary to make sure your property stands out. 

Whether you are a homeowner or agent, the prospect of taking your photos may be daunting. If you want to ensure you have the best photos, drone footage, and virtual tour products, you need to hire a professional real estate photographer. 

Times Treasured Studios is here to help Wilkes realtors and property owners with the highest quality images. My skills are varied and can supply a wide range of needs. 

I’m well-versed in real estate still photography, 3-D imagery, virtual reality environment creation, landscape, and macro photography. If you need real estate photos, contact Times Treasured Studios today