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Why Professional Photos Help Sell Your Home Faster

Why Professional Photos Help Sell Your Home Faster

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 19:46

It’s almost impossible to fully describe a house without pictures, and many homeowners will often forget about picture quality. Blurry or bad-quality pictures can be detrimental when selling your home. These days, a vast majority of buyers will search for a new home online. The first thing they will look for is the photographs of your staged home. High-quality pictures of your home are what make potential buyers want to come and view your property. To sell your home faster, you must include good visual elements of your home online. That is why professional photographs can help sell your home. They can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home at more value and more quickly. Here are some staging tips that will make your home ready for professional photography. 


8 Tips for Taking Professional Real Estate Photography

  1. Create a Spacious Feeling by Decluttering

Most homeowners don’t want to see photographs of lived-in-homes. They want to see an ideal one that they can imagine themselves living there. Get rid of any clutter, such as piles of papers and magazines, unsightly wires, remote controls, and personal items. This will also help your home feel spacious and have expansive views. 

  1. Highlight Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Photographs of the exterior of your house are the most important because they are essential in helping draw in the buyer’s interests of the home. Just like the interiors, ensure that the exterior of your house is photographed in great lighting. Remove any cars from the driveway and garage to take shots in prime lighting conditions. The best time to take shots is during the day with partly cloudy skies to form beautiful pictures of your home. 

  1. Depersonalize Your Space

When photographing your home, remove all personal items such as family pictures, memorabilia, books of political or religious topics, collectibles, and similar items. When a potential buyer sees a photograph with these things, they will be more focused on these objects than your space. Just stick to the essentials such as furnishing and decorative pieces. Use neutral colors and neutral themes such as nature and abstract artwork to still add color and styles to your interiors. 

  1. Turn on Lights and Let in Natural Light

Natural light and artificial light make a room appear warmer, inviting, and inhabitable. When taking pictures of your home, turn on all the light and let in natural light. This will help potential buyers picture a bright place that they might want to be. Open up windows to let in the natural light; however, avoid any harsh direct light from the sun. 

  1. Clean Reflective Objects

Before taking pictures, be sure to clean all of the reflective objects in your home thoroughly. Dust, dirt, or streaks from poor cleaning can easily show up in photographs. Clean your mirrors, refrigeration, bathroom faucets, and kitchen appliances. 

  1. Draw Attention to Details

When taking photographs, accentuate the details of your home, like your designer kitchen or spacious bedrooms. You want your home buyers to be captured by the areas of your house that are must-see and click pictures. 

  1. Buyers Care About Photos

When looking at a property, buyers will first look at pictures over everything else on a listing. Only after the pictures caught their attention will buyers move onto the property description section. Without photos, homebuyers won’t even bother clicking on an online home listing.

  1. Professional Photos Attract More Buyers

It’s easy to tell the difference between amateur photography and high-quality professional real estate photography. Professional real estate photography can earn more money on your final sales prices, and higher quality photos can also increase the number of people clicking on your listing, which can potentially double the attention your home gets from buyers. 

There is no doubt that professional photos will sell your home faster. The top reason being is because images of your house are produced professionally and will have a major impact on potential buyers. Hiring a professional home photographer is a good idea if you want to sell your home faster and at a higher value. To help get you started, contact Times Treasured Studio for more information about real estate photography. I can provide detailed, beautiful photos of your property that depict an accurate representation of your home and layout.