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Why You Should Invest in Professional Office Photography

Why You Should Invest in Professional Office Photography

Monday, 07 February 2022 19:27

For any business or organization, marketing is always a key component to a successful one. Whether you’re selling products or services, how you market, and the efforts you put into it, are bound and determined to correlate with how many sales you get. A large part of that marketing is going to be through advertisements and exposure, namely through photography. 

If you’re not persuaded to use a professional photographer for your office, business, or cooperation, we hope this article will do the job of assuring you of its significance.


Think Your Business Can Make It Without Professional Photography?

There are so many excuses one can use to avoid using a professional photographer for their office, business, company: 

  • “I can take the pictures myself!”
  • “Smartphones take just as good pictures!”
  • “We’ll save money!”
  • “I can save time by just buying stock photos!”

I promise you, though, that these excuses are not nearly strong enough. Let me explain why:

It’s not just about a product, but about the message.

We know that almost anyone can snap a picture with their phone.  Technology has come a long way since the first digital camera came out, way back in 1975.  But when we’re talking about marketing with photography, you want more than just a simple snap to create a decent picture. 

You want a picture that tells a story; A picture that sends a message; A picture that creates an emotional draw to the viewer and potential client. Using a professional photographer can help you captivate that message to evoke a response from your audience.

Best Quality

Like I’ve said, anyone can snap a picture with their phone. However, a professional has the experienced eye and editing capabilities to make sure that your photographs for your business have the best lighting and are of the best possible quality. 

Though technology with one shot cameras and cell phones has come a very long way, it still doesn’t have the quality capabilities that a professional grade camera does. Especially when it comes to blowing up the size of a picture (such as a billboard picture for marketing). If you use your phone or everyday camera, the photo will be pixelated and not display the true quality of service that your business has to offer any potential client. 

Sure, you can “save money” by not hiring someone, but the chances are your company will lose money with bad marketing. 


Even if you were thinking about using stock photos that you could purchase, there is a lot of value that you will be missing. Stock photos are often inauthentic and have obviously fake setups. If you want to be able to showcase the real people at your business, the real work that you do, and the actual products that you produce, you need to invest in a professional photographer.

Stand Apart

Not only will stock photos reflect a false sense of inauthenticity for your business, but you will also be using photos that all people have access to. Help yourself stand apart from competitors by working with your photographer to capture the individuality that makes your business or office stand apart from the crowd.

Have a Portfolio

When you schedule a session with a professional photographer, you will be able to create a portfolio of pictures to use in the future. You will have plenty of material to use for the now, both in marketing and decorating, but you will also be able to have a surplus of fresh content to reserve for social media and other marketing avenues later.

Less Work for You

Marketing takes a lot of time as a business, especially if you are a small business where you pretty much wear all the hats for your company. Having someone to do photography for you and to help create a portfolio will save you time and energy so that you can focus it elsewhere within your business.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what is best for your business and what you truly need from each unique project you’re a part of. I guarantee that if you choose the route of a professional photographer, you will not regret that choice or investment. 

Looking for a Professional Photographer?

With Times Treasured Studios, I have had over 20 years of experience in the photography industry. From portraits, weddings and event photography to commercial & residential real estate photography, I’ve literally captured it all.

If you and your business are located in Wilkesboro, NC, or the surrounding area, I would be happy to chat about ways we can work together to create the foundation for a solid marketing platform and the  best visual presentation for your company. 

If you are interested, you can visit my contact page to get a conversation started about how I can best serve you, or check out my portfolio to see examples of my work. 

“Heather was responsive and listened to what we wanted. Very professional and knows her business. I would recommend her for anyone who has photography needs.” - Linda Wehrmann, Ward & Ward Properties