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For any business or organization, marketing is always a key component to a successful one. Whether you’re selling products or services, how you market, and the efforts you put into it, are bound and determined to correlate with how many sales you get. A large part of that marketing is going to be through advertisements and exposure, namely through photography. 

If you’re not persuaded to use a professional photographer for your office, business, or cooperation, we hope this article will do the job of assuring you of its significance.

When you’re planning for your wedding, there are so many things to accomplish on the checklist you’re going to make. At the very beginning, right after getting engaged, you’ll probably celebrate with family and friends. 

But then that night, as everything calms down, it all hits you. There are so many things to consider. 

Who’s going to be included in the wedding party? Where are you going to find your dress? What is going to be your theme? What about the colors, the bridal party gifts, the venue, etc.?  What time of year should you have your ceremony?  What’s your budget?  Who’s going to cater your wedding? Then you have to think about all the details that go along with that, such as what type of food, who has food allergies, and what are those allergies?  Who’s attending that is vegan or vegetarian? 

And finally, something that is extremely important is photography.  There will be plenty of photography throughout this beautiful process. But the first of those sessions should be the engagement photos! 


We want to simplify whatever we can, whenever possible, right ladies? 


Ten “Must Have” Wedding Photos

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 08:37

It is the day you have been waiting for and dreaming of all your life. You have found your person and are ready to get forever started. Your wedding day is the beginning of the rest of your days, and you have plenty of ideas for making sure it’s special. 

Years later, you will look back on this day with a full heart, ready to tell your children and grandchildren stories about how beautiful it was. You want to make sure you have beautiful, high-quality photographs of all the key moments. You need a professional photographer who can capture these precious moments.

It is not just about finding a person with the right equipment but making sure you have the right shot list to permanently preserve your precious memories.