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must have real estate photosWilkesboro and North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, have been continuously growing. Surrounded by small towns, these particular areas of Wilkes County have a plethora of restaurants and industries. 

Being a large hub for places such as Lowe’s Hardware and Samaritan’s Purse, commercial businesses are continually growing. With the continual growth of commercial businesses, there is a growing demand for commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Photography in Wilkesboro, NC

Where there is real estate, there is a need for photography. Photography of properties, including commercial properties, is what sells. Having professional photography done for your commercial property that is on the real estate market is something to consider. The better the pictures, the more enticing a property can be to potential buyers. 

You can always use pictures that you take with your phone or camera and just do it all yourself. However, there are many reasons that deciding to do pictures yourself without a professional photographer can be a disadvantage in selling your commercial real estate:

  • Wrong lighting: Too dark can ensue bad feelings, and high-sun lighting can cause blurred photos with sun flares.
  • Pictures that lack clarity: This can be a result of simply a camera or photo that does not capture enough pixels to display details
  • Not enough photos: A lack of pictures without a thorough tour of the property can be the reason for a quick overlook. People want to know what they are purchasing in total.
  • Bad angles: Some angles can make rooms look smaller, or the tilt can be too focused on the floor and not the whole area
  • Unflattering all-around photos: Professionals have experience and knowledge of what it takes to make the best photos.

All of these disadvantages can lead to it taking longer to sell your property and for it to be quickly overlooked online because the photos don’t accurately reflect the way your commercial real estate actually looks.

Times Treasured Studios | Heather Cardwell

Detailed, beautiful, flattering photos of the property are an absolute must -- especially as consumers are spending more and more time viewing prospective purchases online. Having photos that both look great as well as depict an accurate representation of the location and layout can truly make the difference in selling a home or property.

That’s why I would love to help you with your next commercial real estate sale. I’m a professional photographer located in Wilkesboro, NC, and I have a lot of experience in all types of photography.

There are a variety of packages I offer for all real estate photography:

Still Images

(Square Feet of Residence)

  • 200 - 1600    - $120
  • 1601 - 2800  -  $150
  • 2801 - 4500  - $180
  • 4501 - 6800  - $220
  • Over 6800    - Call Me

3D, Virtual Scan & Tour

(Square Feet of Residence)

  • 200 - 1600  -  $350
  • 1601 - 2800 -  $400
  • 2801 - 4500 - $450
  • 4501 - 6800 - $500
  • Over 6800   -  Call Me 

(Still, Images Included)

3D Scan Perks - Add-On Services

  • Schematic Floor Plan - $50
  • Video Teaser - $25
  • *Aerials - $60-$200

With my experience, and the property you bring to the table, I believe we can get that property of yours sold in no time. If you are interested in using Times Treasured Studios to do photography for your commercial real estate, get in touch!.