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real estate photographyYadkin Valley is a part of wine country in North Carolina. It’s filled with beautiful landscapes and mountain views. With beautiful foliage in the fall and luscious green grass and trees in spring and summer, it’s no wonder it’s a place that people want to move to. 

Yadkin Valley is a place that feels homey and welcoming with a lot of countryside. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of life but not too far from amenities, necessities, and nice restaurants.

With the rise of people moving from the north and west to the southeast and the competitive housing market, it’s important to include the right pictures with the right lighting and angles to sell your property. Having a professional photographer for your real estate property can be the difference between someone bypassing your property and buying it.

Working with a professional photographer for your real estate in the Yadkin Valley can help you sell your property by:

  • Providing quality images that add visual value to your property
  • Take unique photos of your property that will set it apart from others
  • Have the knowledge of what shots are needed to present your property/house well
  • Capture the essence of the Yadkin Valley 

Times Treasured Studios | Heather Cardwell

I would love to help you by photographing your Yadkin Valley Real Estate. By working together, I believe we can see to it that you sell that property. With experience in photographing real estate, from still shots to 3D virtual touring, I can provide you with the quality photos you deserve.

Not only do well-lit and angled photos help in the appeal of the property you’re selling, but having a little extra something can help make your property stand apart. Many people have found the better pictures of the property, the quicker they sell. That something extra could be 3D virtual tours!

A 3D virtual tour eliminates the time the current homeowner would have to take out of their schedule to keep their house tidied up and ready for unexpected visits. This is huge.

It also eliminates the time it would take the potential buyer to tour. Being able to tour online allows them the same opportunity within a quicker time frame. It also gives them the complete feel of the house that pictures don’t always give.

Packages I Offer for Real Estate Photography 

Still Images

(Square Feet of Residence)

  • 200 - 1600    - $120
  • 1601 - 2800  -  $150
  • 2801 - 4500  - $180
  • 4501 - 6800  - $220
  • Over 6800    - Call Me

3D, Virtual Scan & Tour

(Square Feet of Residence)

  • 200 - 1600  -  $350
  • 1601 - 2800 -  $400
  • 2801 - 4500 - $450
  • 4501 - 6800 - $500
  • Over 6800   -  Call Me 

(Still Images Included)

3D Scan Perks - Add-On Services

  • Schematic Floor Plan - $50
  • Video Teaser - $25
  • *Aerials - $60-$200

If you or someone you know is selling property in the Yadkin Valley region of North Carolina and could use quality photography, consider using Times Treasured Studios. To see my portfolio and learn more about my work, you can visit my website or my YouTube channel to see drone footage I’ve captured. Better yet, reach out and let's discuss what you need!