The Monthly Special

Covid-19 & Changes in the Industry

With the market changing and with a full blown epidemic on our hands, I know it's tough when it comes to capturing and launching a new listing.   Some don't have the time or resources to hire out or some may have fears with others in their space, and reasonably so!

For a limited time realtors can send me the images they or their clients have taken of a home or land listing for corrective enhancements, brightening and straightening.  If you have special needs, simply let me know during scheduling.

The cost of corrective edits is $45.00 per listing, 60 image limit per listing, payable via Venmo or PayPal.  You'll receive the new, enhanced images via Dropbox link in email for immediate download and entry in lightening fast time!   

Any questions??  Special needs??  Concerns??   Reach out to me directly in email, call or text!