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leap for joySo, you’re considering hiring a professional photographer. Maybe you’ve got a big event coming up, listing a home, or just want some nice, fresh photographs of you and your family. You might also be remembering how much you just spent on that new phone with the really great camera inside of it. It’s true -- there have been some great advancements with our phones, and that portrait mode can do a lot. But can it do everything you really need?

Here we’ll discuss some of the (really wonderful) benefits to hiring a professional photographer. 

Top 4 Reasons Why To Hire a Professional Photographer

1. They Have the Right Gear

If you’re looking for a certain kind of photograph, there are specific flashes, lenses, cameras, and even film (yes! It still exists) that are designed to complete that task. This equipment is often pretty pricey for the average person to just have on hand, much less know exactly how to use.

When used correctly, they can create an image -- a memory, a gift -- that will last a lifetime.

2. Vision, Guidance, and Artistry

When you have a professional photographer, you get to receive that person’s attention and vision. These folks have a trained eye and plenty of experience, and can save you a lot of hassle and time trying to correct mistakes or re-do the pictures entirely.

A professional photographer is taking into account the lighting, contrast, color, lines, composition, and design of each frame.

You’ll also get the added value of their guidance. Your photographer can look at different aspects of the shots and tell you what might need to be changed, moved, smoothed out, tilted, or adjusted in any way. A true professional is confident enough to let you know if the shots being taken are working -- or not.

3. You Get To Relax and Actually Be in the Photos

There’s a lot of energy output when you’re in the middle of organizing an event or wrangling your family. Sometimes it can feel like you’re barely keeping it all together, rather than truly honing in on a vision.

If you’re doing your own family portraits, it can be a real win if everyone’s eyes are open and no one has tears streaming down their cheeks.

For real estate listings, there’s more pressure than ever now that people are utilizing virtual tours and photographs really heavily. You’re helping potential buyers to envision a life somewhere, and there’s artistry in that.

You can experience something better -- both with less stress and outstanding results.

When you hire a professional, you get to receive their expertise. Now, if you’ve got ideas and a vision, great! Share that. Work with it with your photographer, then you can let go and relax into showing up and not necessarily having to think of every, single, little, thing.

And, of course, actually BE in the photos!

4. They Have Post-Production Skills

Professional photographers have the skill (and software) to edit your photos after they’ve been taken. They’ll use their expertise to bring out the light and color, or make other modifications, to enhance your images.

In the end, you’ll wind up with beautiful imagery and a depiction of a moment, a place, and loved ones, captured with ease, skill, and respect. And you never had to shed a tear to make it happen.

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