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Wilkes County Wedding PhotographerEvery bride knows wedding photos are one of the most important parts of their wedding day because those memories will be cherished forever. That is why you want to make sure your photographer nails every photo-op throughout the entire day.

After booking your wedding photographer, it’s a good idea to provide them with a checklist of picture ideas you definitely want to see in your wedding album. After photographing several weddings, I am going to share my 7 favorite photo ideas for an outdoor wedding photoshoot.

7 Top Tips For Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

  1. Under the Veil

Capture a beautiful yet, playful wedding picture of the bride and groom embracing under the veil. The under the veil pose will definitely be the newlywed’s favorite photo!

  1. On the Staircase

Use stunning stairs to build levels in your bridal party images, whether they will be sitting or standing. Not only are you incorporating the venue’s architectural features, but it will show the bride’s dress and frame each time when she poses. 

  1. Keep it Simple

Capture detailed photos of the outdoor table setting. Make them simple by neatly arranging items like a champagne bucket with some flowers or decorative glasses over the table. The bride and groom will appreciate parts of their beautiful decor in their wedding album.

  1. Use Scenery

Natural lighting and outdoor surroundings create the perfect picture for wedding portraits. Use the venue’s scenery; whether it be rolling hills or a historic house, it’s a great way to blend the newlywed couple with the surrounding landscape. The perfect time to take outdoor photos is during golden hour, right before sunset, to capture the reflection of amber hues and stunning lighting. 

  1. Using Nature

Professional and well-experienced photographers will know how to use every natural thing to capture the perfect photos. Some natural objects will look great when you capture something memorable. For example, have a bride and groom pose in front of a big tree trunk during golden hour to photograph something unforgettable. It is also a very good photo opt for outdoor wedding photos. 

  1. At a Windy Place

This is especially suitable for an outdoor mountain wedding. Take photos of the newlywed couple with the fast wind blowing. It will give a motion effect to the pictures as the bride’s dress and hair are flowing with the wind.

  1. Inside the Barn

Some outdoor venues will feature a beautiful barn as a place for ceremonies and receptions. A barn is an excellent place for wedding photography because there are so many opportunities and different locations for romantic wedding photo ideas. Capture the whole barn location from far away with the bride and groom standing in front of the barn door. 

Times Treasured Studios Wedding Photography in Wilkes, NC

Excellent photography is very important for your wedding day. Your wedding photos will be cherished for many years and even passed down to your children and grandchildren. That is why you want to make sure your wedding day is professionally captured for the occasion. Contact me for more information about package pricing on wedding and bridal sessions.