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Drone & Home Video Creations

FAA Certified and insured for up to $2 Million, I can capture aerial images and video of your home, land or event. Customized, branded feeds as well as MLS-compliant feeds are created for multiple platform sharing and market impact.

Aerial images and videos are a great way to really showcase the full impact of your event or property, and the landscape that surrounds it!

You can view examples of published work on YouTube.


Real Estate Video

Square Feet of Residence

200 - 2800  -  $350

2801 - 6800 -  $450

Over 6800   - Call Me 

(Aerial Images Included*)

Residential, Private, Industrial, or Commercial Land Video

Prices are based on the terrain -- very mountainous areas are more difficult to access, whereas flat areas are a simpler (therefore slightly cheaper) venture. 

Hilly/Flat Land*

0 - 3 Acres - $250

3 - 20 Acres - $350

Over 20 Acres - Call me

Light to Heavy Mountainous Land*

0 - 3 Acres - $250

3 - 10 Acres - $350

11 - 30 Acres - $450

Over 30 Acres - Call me

Aerial Photography

Prices start at $200 and vary by acreage size. Contact me for specifics.

Important Aerial Photography Note

Limitations exist in drone video flight contact me for more information and restrictions.


Virtual Tour of My Services

Greenstreet Home

Toms Knob in Sparta