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The real estate market has been nothing short of exciting over the last twelve to eighteen months. The rise of working remotely has allowed people to choose where to live based on preference, not the location of their job. 

With the freedom to live virtually anywhere on the map, the foothills, High Country, and Triad regions of North Carolina have become even more popular for new North Carolina residents. 

Many new residents purchased homes sight-unseen, having made offers at or above the asking price. It is a great market for sellers but challenging for buyers. Nevertheless, people are buying homes in Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro, High Point, and Boone. 

If you are a seller or real estate agent, it has never been more important to make sure you have high-quality, professional photographs when selling a house. 

There are countless resources regarding business. As social media platforms and YouTube have expanded in popularity for personal and commercial use, many experts and many claiming expertise occupy those spaces. They often provide "free" business advice; although, many provide just enough information to coax you into paying for more. 

It is impossible to parse through it all to determine what is valuable and what should be ignored. 

One thing is sure; there is a market for making videos and offering online classes because we are all trying to find ways to grow and reach new clients. 

There has never been a time in history where trust was not vital to doing business with a person or company. Business owners and managers strive to have the best reputation and seek the coveted 5-star reviews on search engines and social media. 

The last twelve to eighteen months have been challenging for people and businesses. Essentially every business and all industries were affected by the pandemic. Many companies closed their doors permanently, while some others are still reeling. However, real estate has bounced back better than other industries, especially in western North Carolina. 

With the significant rise in companies allowing people to work remotely, we can choose to live almost anywhere. No longer are people relegated to buy a house within commuting distance of their office. Places like Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro are becoming zoom towns, places that are booming due to the choice people have to live close to the activities and people they love. 

People are choosing Winston-Salem and Wilkes County for the natural beauty, access to outdoor activities, and niche small businesses that survived the last year and have begun to thrive again. Whether you are a homeowner looking to cash out on a seller’s market, or a real estate agent, high-quality professional photographs are going to set your home apart. 

In the Triad, foothills, and mountains, many buyers are purchasing homes sight-unseen, which means they are wholly relying on images and virtual tours. 

It has been a strange couple of years for high school students. No one ever expected they would spend significant portions of the school year learning primarily by digital means from home. Nevertheless, teenagers are resilient and spirited. They are capable of adapting to and making the most of situations in ways adults could hardly imagine. High schoolers have found creative ways to excel in academics and stay connected to friends. They have persevered, and now your high school junior is looking at the potential for a senior year that is much more like what we all would expect. Parents may have spent much of the last sixteen months trying to figure out how to adjust to social distancing and working from home, with little thought to what life would look like on the other side of the pandemic. But as things return to normal, it is time being celebrating milestones in earnest.